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Discover the decisive strategies that even top producers are missing and amplify your earning potential!

The great differentiator you’ve been looking for begins with the mastery of value.

Whether you’re running a top-producing team, closing high volume, or you’re a solo agent closing a dozen or so transactions a year, converting more of your hard-earned or costly leads to listing appointments and appointments to realistic market-priced listings will move the needle on your success and income quicker than anything else.

And let’s not forget about buyers.

Our buyer clients are getting squeezed; even cash buyers don’t want to feel like they’re overpaying.

Can your typical buyer afford to pay for a home inspection and appraisal to start all over and do it again because the appraisal came in too far below the contract price?

Do you have the tools to educate an unrealistic seller, increase buyer confidence, successfully dispute a subpar appraisal, and ensure that your buyer and seller clients are never caught off guard regarding price, value, cost, and appraisal-related issues?

I started my real estate career just like most of you did, grappling with the basics and trying to find my footing in an industry that can be as unforgiving as it is rewarding.

Over two decades of hard-won experience, including surviving the market crash of 2008 and growing all three arms of my real estate business (appraisal, brokerage, and investments), have shown me, through differing perspectives and unique vantage points, the multitude of challenges that real estate agents face:

  1. Valuation and Pricing Confusion: The lack of clear, consistent education leads to persistent issues with property valuation and pricing – the greatest differentiator of your success.
  2. Compliance and Efficiency: Agents and loan officers often struggle with compliance and efficient processes, causing delays and frustration for everyone involved, especially the clients.
  3. Inadequate Communication: Miscommunications with appraisers, clients, and other agents can lead to lost deals and strained relationships.
  4. Time Mismanagement: Real estate is not just about transactions; it’s about managing your most valuable asset—your time. I’ve seen too many agents waste time on repetitive issues that will be resolved through this training.
  5. Lack of Professional Development: Many agents spend money on ‘solutions’ that don’t address the root causes of their daily challenges.

I have faced these problems head-on and emerged with a set of proven techniques and strategies that are not mere theory but tried-and-true methods. I’ve taken the essence of what has propelled my career and those I’ve mentored and have encapsulated it into a comprehensive course designed explicitly for real estate agents who are ready to excel.

  • Bridge Knowledge Gaps: I’ll guide you through mastering the ins and outs of real estate valuation so you never second-guess a pricing decision again.
  • Streamline Processes: Learn how to navigate compliance and transaction processes smoothly, preventing common hiccups that delay and, all too often, even prevent closings.
  • Maximize Time: With my training, you’ll find ways to save precious hours and focus on what truly grows your business.
  • Enhance Communication: Develop the skills to clearly articulate expectations and foster positive relationships with all parties involved in a transaction, resulting in much higher closing ratios and far more referrals and repeat clients.
  • Focus on Growth: Avoid costly mistakes and invest in your development with practical, impactful education. All of my knowledge and experience are packaged and delivered to you for pennies on the dollar.

I’m not just sharing knowledge—I’m offering a lifeline to those who are serious about making a difference in their careers. Join me, and let’s turn your real estate practice into a source of consistent success and personal fulfillment.

Introducing A Brand New Course

The Value Driven Agent

I’ve spent years peeling back the layers of the biggest issues realtors face, and now I’m bringing you the solutions in this detailed course.

The Value Driven Agent Product
Enroll Now ANd Transform Your Business

How many more buyers will you ask to roll the dice on a $500-800 appraisal without investing in yourself to stack the deck or weigh the dice in their favor?

What You Get

My commitment to supporting you in your journey toward greater triumphs and consistent success.

23 Training Videos

Each video was meticulously prepared to deliver as much value as possible in a condensed amount of time.

Companion Guides

Each lesson includes a companion guide to help enhance your learning experience.

Work Sheets

Each guide includes focus questions to help you retain the key points taught in each lesson.

Jarrod’s wealth of knowledge and insights has consistently proven to be an invaluable resource. With his distinctive background as an Appraiser, Broker, and Investor, he offers a unique perspective and a set of winning strategies that sets him apart from any other coach or instructor.

Joel - RE Broker

Joel J. – Broker

I first met Jarrod at one of his live trainings, and he has since become an invaluable asset to my real estate business. When faced with a subpar appraisal report, Jarrod provided guidance and support throughout the entire process, ultimately helping me achieve a successful resolution and successfully close the transaction for my clients. I highly recommend incorporating his teachings into your day-to-day real estate operations.

Alyx H. - Realtor

Alyx H. – Realtor

Jarrod’s extensive expertise in appraisals has proven to be an invaluable asset for my business and clients. His unparalleled training in communication strategy sets him apart. 

Ethan P. - Lender

Ethan P. – Lender

Enroll Now ANd Transform Your Business

In this elite training, I guide you to master the art of pricing—feature by feature—in any market condition.

See What’s Inside All 23 Lessons

This video discusses the difference between cost, price, and value. We can’t dive deep without first defining what it is that we’re talking about.

This video explores the commonly held belief that the purchase price of a property represents what the buyer is willing to pay.

This video summarizes what an appraisal report actually is. Foregoing the technical details irrelevant to your purposes, the straightforward commentary in this video offers a clear perspective of an appraisals purpose and use.

This video provides an overview of what an appraiser is and how their role differs from that of a real estate agent. Before FIRREA, appraisers and realtors were not completely separate at a leadership level.

This video discusses potential legal issues for real estate agents, emphasizing the importance of consulting a local real estate attorney.

In this video, we emphasize the importance of effectively communicating with seller clients. Market value vs price concepts and the importance of setting realistic expectations from the beginning are laid out.

Further exploring the importance of effective communication, this video solves common difficult conversations with sellers. Tools and scripts to prevent you from being the “bad guy” and to attract and strengthen buyer confidence are discussed.

In this video segment, we discuss the concept of over-improvement in real estate. Providing a better understanding of the fact that certain features can be considered upgrades in one market area and price point while being standard in another.

In this video, we step away from seller-focused learning and shift our focus to the needs of our buyer clients. The importance of responsible budgeting and consideration of secondary costs, potential hazards, and overall risks in home-ownership are discussed.

This video discusses the importance of choosing the right lender partner, highlighting issues with appraisal management companies, and emphasizing the need for effective and appropriate communication between all parties involved in the loan origination process.

The focus of this video is the preparation of a property for the appraiser and how the condition can impact the valuation and loan, emphasizing the role of the appraiser as a disinterested third party.

Continuing with staying ahead of potential property condition issues, this video discusses the importance of addressing potential appraisal issues during the listing appointment and emphasizes the need for agents to inform sellers regarding needed repairs.

This video explores various scenarios where real estate agents often engage in practices that drive down the values within their farm area or markets.

This video segment continues to emphasize the importance of MLS data integrity and further discusses the impact of inaccurate MLS data.

This video takes a deep dive into the importance of providing data to appraisers without trying to influence their valuation.

This video provides tips for working with appraisers to support the final value conclusion of a property. Contrary to what many have come to believe, a properly prepared appraisal packet can be a powerful tool.

The importance of understanding the appraisal form for real estate agents cannot be overstated and yet, is largely overlooked in this industry.

Continuing through sections of the appraisal report, this video walks you through potential issues that are too often missed, even by the lender, until just before closing, resulting in delays or failures to close.

This video provides a detailed explanation of the second page of an appraisal report, known as the comp grid.

This section discusses appraisal rebuttal and guides you through professionally, legally,
and ethically presenting a winning argument.

The video discusses two methods for determining market reaction to a specific feature in real estate properties: the matched pairs method and the statistical CMA method.

This video discusses the fluid nature of market reactions and highlights the importance of understanding market values. Providing examples, this video explores how trends change, and how market preferences shift.

This segment discusses additional tips and considerations for submitting an appraisal rebuttal with an emphasis on avoiding issues with lender review.

In conclusion of this training course, I express my appreciation for your dedication and commitment as a real estate professional. I hope that this content proves valuable and exceeds expectations.

Jarrod Lamb Real Estate Expert

Meet Jarrod Lamb

Course Creator & Instructor

With over two decades in real estate, I’ve passionately navigated multiple facets of the industry, from running my own appraisal firm to spearheading an in-house appraisal department for a national mortgage lender. I’ve completed and overseen many thousands of appraisals from across the US. In 2010, I stepped further into this industry, obtaining my real estate license. Later establishing a successful brokerage, I’ve remained focused on relationship selling and generating organic leads and a strong referral network.

My experience extends beyond traditional realty; I’ve been deeply involved in investment analysis, working with prominent wholesalers and investors, and contributed to a fin-tech startup advisory board. This diverse background has enabled me to better serve my clients and to build an expansive investment portfolio. Beyond personal success, my career is marked by a commitment to mentoring and empowering aspiring real estate professionals, leveraging my comprehensive experience to guide and inspire.

Knowing how to properly and accurately value a property is essential in this business. I know no one better than Jarrod. I strongly recommend you don’t advise anyone or list another property without learning the skills Jarrod teaches. They’re a complete game-changer!

Travis - Broker / Investor

Travis L. – Broker / Investor

From listing strategies to appraisal questions, Jarrod has consistently proven himself as a trusted source of guidance and information. Over the years, he has been a great support to the success of my business, and I am truly grateful to know him and have him as a dependable ally in my corner. 

Amy L. - Realtor / Team Lea

Amy L. – Realtor / Team Lead

There’s no one else I’d go to for valuation support or appraisal questions. What more can I say? I highly recommend you study the skills, methods, and strategies Jarrod teaches and apply them to your business if you want to take your career in real estate to the next level.

Kurt S. - Broker

Kurt S. – Broker 

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The Value Driven Agent Online Course

NO membership fees and NO recurring charges! Just a One-Time investment of:


Invest for Sucess in 2024


You will receive any and all updates to this training course FOREVER!!

Still Not Convinced You Can Benefit From This Course?

Keep reading because the key to your next big leap in real estate is in this course!

Transform Your Real Estate Career with The Value Driven Agent

In the world of residential real estate, success hinges on what you know—and what you do with that knowledge. “The Value Driven Agent” course is your gateway to an elevated professional realm, where every skill and insight you acquire translates directly into business growth and market leadership.

Unlock Secrets Untaught Until Now

Imagine approaching every listing appointment, navigating appraisal value disputes, or entering a new market with a profound sense of confidence. This course will leave you with an epiphany, the realization of powerful knowledge that has remained elusive—until now. You will master strategies and insights that you didn’t even realize were missing from your professional toolkit.

Years of Expertise Distilled into Mastery

My experience has been your shortcut. I’ve spent years dissecting the core challenges that realtors face, discerning what strategies succeed spectacularly and which ones falter. This elite training is your opportunity to learn the nuanced art of pricing, adapt to any market condition with agility, and understand appraisal legalities in-depth—skills that not only promise more lucrative closings but also ensure legal integrity and peace of mind.

More Than Skills—A Communication Revolution

While mastery in pricing and appraisals is invaluable, they pale in comparison to the ultimate game-changer I offer: exceptional communication. This course teaches you how to articulate value and navigate appraisal-related discussions with a finesse that builds trust and sets you distinctly above your peers.

A Level of Training That Others Only Graze

The industry’s standard education barely scratches the surface of appraisal and valuation. “The Value Driven Agent” delves deep, going beyond what’s covered in pre-licensing, continuing education, and broker classes. It’s not just about learning; it’s about mastering the art of conveying complex valuation factors to your clients effectively.

Invest in Your Growth and you Invest in Referrals

When your value far outweighs your cost, you will cultivate a referral powerhouse. When clients perceive the extraordinary value you provide, they become more than just customers–they transform into super fans who fuel your business with consistent referrals and repeat engagements.

The Simple Yet Elusive Key to Real Estate Success

The essence of lasting real estate success is straightforward yet challenging to attain: provide unmatched value. This course is your blueprint to achieving exactly that. It’s designed for those ready to become part of the one-percenters.

Your opportunity is here. Will you seize it?

I’m grateful to have Jarrod as a valuable resource for all things pricing, value, and appraisal-related. His knowledge and insights are sorely needed in our industry. I highly recommend tuning in and paying close attention to what he has to share.

Dustin H. - Realtor

Dustin H. – Realtor

My team lead first introduced me to Jarrod as the ‘go-to appraisal guy’, and I’m so glad that he did. From answering my questions to providing appraisal work for cash buyers, Jarrod has proven, several times over the years, to be a dependable source of reliable information.

Ashley McCombs - Realtor

Ashley C. – Realtor

Jarrod has shared a wealth of knowledge with both myself and my agents regarding appraisals, value, and pricing strategies. He’s proven to be such a wealth of information. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to grow in this business.

Robin L. - Broker/Owner

Robin L. – Broker/Owner

Your Questions Answered!

Anyone who’s all in on being the best real estate professional they can be. This material is written speaking directly to real estate agents but loan originators and investors would gain great value from this course as well.

The total length of all combined video segments is just under three hours. Allowing time to read the supplemental study material, the entire course can be completed in around 4-5 hours.

Yes. I am a Certified appraiser, a licensed Broker as well as an experienced investor. See ‘about’ for more details but in short, national exposure on both sides of the fence has given me unique perspectives that I’m excited to share with you.

That depends. Will you consistently apply what you learn? If so, then the answer is, most definitely yes. If not, then no, it won’t.

Anyone looking for a quick fix. This industry is full of people offering ‘cheat codes’. Let me tell you, there’s no such thing. Success in anything requires consistent work. Real estate is no exception.

Learn, work, repeat… It’s simple, it’s proven, but it’s not easy.

Can you? Yes. Should you? No.

I strongly recommend that you consume this content in order, the first time through. After that, you’re encouraged to review as many times as you’d like in any order that fits your needs.


Everyone has told me, sell a monthly subscription, use your bonuses as ‘up sells’, charge an update fee every time you upgrade the material… I’m not doing it! Following my own path has served me well for over twenty years in business and I’m not about to follow the crowd now.

Once you’re in, you’re in and I do plan to keep building and improving this course over time.

Short answer, because my mother taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

The statistics with online courses are horrific, nearly 90% of all online courses are never completed by the purchaser. I created this course to elevate this industry and these stats are unacceptable. If you’re not prepared to show up and commit at least two hours to exploring and thinking through this material, please do not purchase it.

The Value Driven Agent Online Course

NO membership fees and NO recurring charges! Just a One-Time investment of:


Invest for Sucess in 2024


You will receive any and all updates to this training course FOREVER!!

Money Back Guarantee

Results 600% Guaranteed. YES! I am personally guaranteeing your success.

If you show up, put in the effort, and, within the initial 30 days of enrollment, don’t think you will see a SIX-FOLD RETURN ON INVESTMENT you can excuse yourself from the program. The truth is, you’ll see a return on your investment thousands of times over in the course of your career but I didn’t want to sound overly enthusiastic.

What do I mean by show up and put in the effort? Each training session includes a few questions. To be eligible for the 100% reimbursement of your enrollment fee, you must have completed the questions for at least six of the training sessions. More details…

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