Refund Policy

Results 600% Guaranteed.

YES! I am personally guaranteeing your success.

If you show up, put in the effort, and, within the initial 30 days of enrollment, don’t think you will see a SIX-FOLD RETURN ON INVESTMENT you can excuse yourself from the program.

The truth is, you’ll see a return on your investment thousands of times over in the course of your career but I didn’t want to sound overly enthusiastic.

I know that the content within this curriculum delivers results: more listings, increased closings, reduced stress, and enhanced predictability and credibility in all your business interactions… but… I also know that you don’t know this yet.

That is why I offer you this bold guarantee. This program represents the distillation of over 20 years of study, trial, and error, triumphs, and growth. Real estate professionals just like you have consistently proven the benefits derived from applying this knowledge and I’m excited to add you to that growing list of super fans.

What do I mean by show up and put in the effort? Each training session includes a few questions. To be eligible for the 100% reimbursement of your enrollment fee, you must have completed the questions for at least six of the training sessions.

 It’s as simple as that. Show up, do the work, and rest assured – your return on investment is not just guaranteed, it’s better than guaranteed!

If you change your mind in the first 30 days, click HERE and our team will help you. But you have to ask within 30 days of buying this course. And remember – there are no changes to this rule. You have to show us PROOF that you really tried in order to qualify for a refund.

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